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Birdella  loves to write. At the age of 10 years old, she wrote her first Play for her 5th grade class.  Surprisingly, it was not acknowledged by her 5th grade teacher, who tore it up in front of the class. She was devastated, but continued to write in her private time.
At the age of 16, Deyla wrote, produced and directed a Play for her church.  The Pastor saw her talent and allowed the Play to run a full week, inviting the public and other churches.
After graduating from High School she attended the  Community College and trained in Creative Writing.
At the age of 24, Birdella trained in Modeling at Lady Elaine School of Modeling in Chicago, IL. beginning her  career in Tea Room and Ramp Modeling.  She then moved to California and began her training at Caroline Leonetti, LTD., in Hollywood CA., training in Television, Commercials and Motion Pictures. She also appeared as an Extra in a Motion Picture and starred in a Pepsi Commercial.  
Birdella moved back to Chicago to attend to her terminally ill mother.  Grieving, all interests in acting ceased.
She got married some years later and moved to Florida with her husband and son.
Acting Classes
Birdella had settled in Orlando and working full time. While at one of the colleges for other business, she was approached by a gentleman who had an Acting school, convincing her to join. She joined and enjoyed the training.  
Arriving at one of the classes, the instructor did not show up and she asked to volunteer training the acting students. The class had over 50 students.   
The instructor never returned and Birdella was voted in as the Instructor.
Unfortunately, some problems arose, causing the Director/Owner to dissolve the school.
Once the school dissolved, she felt the need to open her own Acting school and keep the students. 
Birdella opened The Unique U School of Acting, Inc. in March 2005, as President and Director.
She gained the name 'Ms. Deyla' as her name: 'Birdella' was difficult to pronounce. (smile)
She began instructing  students ranging in age 7 years to 60 plus years. four over four years. Several of her students have gone on to building their career by relocating to California.
Birdella's job relocated her and her husband to Charlotte, NC. in 2012, where she filed for her license and opened her Acting School in Charlotte.
Ms. Deyla developed her class to train Beginners, Intermediate and Advance Students. In addition to her own techniques, she blends her teaching with the history of others such as Konstantin Stanislavski and the Alexander Technique under Frederick Matthias Alexander.
Ms. Deyla believes her teaching and training is unique, in that she  develops the students into their own desire to become the best they could become in acting. 
Her desire is to continue training students into what they desire to be, yet pulling out of them, their own gifts and talent.  
Theatrical Productions 
Her first major Production: 'These Shoes Don't Fit!' was held at the Rosa Plaza Inn in Orlando, Fl.  The next major Production was 'Good Seed—Bad Seed' and held at one of the theaters in Sanford, FL
Since moving to Charlotte, NC and opening her Acting School, she has put on other theatrical Performances, such as 'Dividing Lines', 'Wilted Love', 'A Circle of Love/Abuse' and 'Sabella' - all written and produced by her.  
You may  question if Acting is for you or the cost to attend Classes is too high. You might even think you are too old or your schedule is full. 
If this is something you are seriously desiring to do, you can!
Not only is it is  rewarding as well!
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