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Is a Workshop Better for You?

The Unique U School of Acting Workshops are designed for those who are unable to attend the full ten (10) week Classes..
Take advantage of this great opportunity to advance in your acting skills.
You say you want to act? This is your time to show what you can do and do it with excellence!
The Classes are normally priced at $400-$500 for a ten week session. This four hour Workshop is only $150.00!
You will learn the History of Acting, The Techniques of Acting, The Process of Acting, The Business of Acting and The Writer's Intent.
You will not regret the experience of learning more and increasing your knowledge and skills!
A sealed Certificate will be presented to you at the end of the workshop.
You are well on your way to many open doors in Theatre, Commercials and Television.
Don't miss out on this Workshop!
For more information call 704-905-1313 and ask for Ms Deyla

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