"You are Unique! You are Irreplaceable! And there is no one in this world like you!"

Good Seed-Bad Seed

Written, Produced and Directed by: Birdella Hall-Walker (Deyla Walker)

A fast moving Drama/Suspense Theatrical Production.

This production centers around two young teenagers: Gregory Santos and Marcus Johnson.

Gregory's decision to flirt with danger leads him on a collision course of destruction. He is intrigued with the excitement of the streets and drawn by the powers of crime. His rebellious nature pulls him deeper and deeper into this world of darkness.

Gregory influence over his godbrother, Marcus; causes him to pull away from his Christian beliefs and the foundation laid in his home. Also, his struggle to be good ended with his choice to sneak out of the house at night while mother is at work, where he was to baby-sit his younger sister.

Marcus now begins his journey into the unknown world of excitement and danger as the taste of alcohol and drugs whet his palate.

Gregory nor Marcus had never been in trouble with the law before, yet their days are numbered as they continued to allow the streets to govern their lives.  The death of two people tore the Johnson and Santos families apart.

However, one mother finds the strength through her faith to cope with her loss, then comes to the aid of the other family to help them get through their loss.

Sabella Reality Show

Genre': High Comedy

Sabella is her own character, her own person, and highly emotional.

Living in a small city named: Hollyhood, where she feels her bougie nature is that above all others.

Sabella's problem is Church people!  She will confront them and tell them off without hesitation.

Her nature and character brings explosive laughter each time she steps on stage.  Yet, there is so much truth to her message.

You can watch her 24/7 on Facebook under Deyla Walker.

Watch SABELLA_ every Monday night at 7_0